Houston Astros Rumors: As Trade Deadline Approaches, Rumors Begin To Swirl

By Lee White
Bud Norris
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros have been busy around the trade deadline for a few years in a row now. With 50 days left until the trade deadline, Jeff Luhnow, Astros General Manager,  has already mentioned the fact that everyone on the team is available for trade. And even on this torrid team, there a some pieces contending teams would like. There is no doubt that the most sought after piece will be a starting pitcher, but which one will that be?

It has been reported that teams like the San Francisco Giants as well as the Pittsburgh Pirates have interest as it has been reported here. Nothing is set in stone, but there are rumors beginning to circulate around one pitcher in particular. That pitcher is Astros ace Bud Norris. Both of these teams are in go for it mode, and for good reason. The Giants have become a mainstay in the playoffs over the years, and the Pirates are becoming a team on the rise that still can’t get over the hump.

The Pirates have a 38-26 record which is third best in a tough NL Central division, but they’re also second in the NL Wild Card race. The Pirates are a really talented team, but their starting pitchers have been bitten by the injury bug.

The Giants are looking to return to the playoffs and defend their World Series title, and they are always a talented team in a crazy NL West division. That division always comes down to the wire, and if I’m the Giants, I’m not sure I could rely on Tim Lincecum or Barry Zito to win this division for them. Both pitchers have had their time, but neither pitcher is looking as good as Norris is this season.

Nothing is set stone, and these are just rumors that are beginning to circulate. With the Astros in the midst of rebuilding, expect them to play Norris for all he is worth and get a good package out of the number one starter.

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