Los Angeles Angels Need Someone to Get Hot Fast

By David Miller
Josh Hamilton Los Angeles Angels
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

For a team that was supposed to have such a powerful offense the Los Angeles Angels sure don’t do much offending. Well you know what I mean. They have lost seven of the last ten games and rarely score more than a few runs at most. Whatever the contribution from night to night has been there is largely something missing from this team. I can’t remember any substantial stretch all season when one player has really been hot for a few games, much less a lot of games.

The Baltimore Orioles have Chris Davis and the Atlanta Braves had Justin Upton. For the Arizona Diamondbacks it has been Paul Goldschmidt. You understand the point by mentioning those names. Each of those teams is at or heading towards the lead in their division and they all have one player that has led the way either all season or at least for a large section of the season. Sometimes it switches from one player to the other. For the Angels it has been no one.

To be fair Mike Trout is playing very well in his sophomore campaign and deserves credit for hitting .300 batting average, 12 homers and knocking in quite a few. He isn’t the player to lead them by himself however. That will need to come from one of the big power names. Albert Pujols could do it but has been playing hurt all season and continues to. I think it is going to have to come from Josh Hamilton.

There have been a few signs here and there of big Josh coming out of his lackadaisical start but for the most part he has just been stuck in mediocrity. If this team is to dig their way anywhere close to even wildcard contention they are going to need a big hot streak from Hamilton or someone else. There needs to be someone step up and lead this team on a daily basis. Without it they have little hope.

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