Houston Astros Look to Ride their Good Fortune Against Chicago White Sox

By Daniel Jamieson
Lucas Harrell
Troy Taormina – USA Today Sports

The Houston Astros bucked something of a trend in last night’s victory over the Chicago White Sox – sloppy defensive play by the Sox allowed Houston to take advantage and sneak in a couple of runs.

Typically, at least lately, it has been the fault of Astros miscues, particularly in the infield, which have allowed unearned runs to be the difference in tight games. On Friday night, luck turned the Astros way, and in an otherwise uneventful evening, they snapped up their chance and walked off the field with a lucky win.

Chicago’s fiery pitcher Chris Sale struck out fourteen Astros in his eight innings at the mound, yet this was still not enough to earn him the win. The Houston pitching staff knows this frustration all too well. Neither team’s batting corps played its part, and it was up to a moment’s lapse of concentration to decide the outcome.

The White Sox have struggled greatly on their travels lately, having won just once in their last eleven road games. Traveling to Minute Maid Park is not normally a very foreboding prospect, but for a team that just cannot seem to last entire road games without some slip, any away battle is unnerving.

Lucas Harrell is in charge of the Astros’ defense on Saturday, and in keeping with the recent excellent form of their starters he looks solid. Compared to the dire performances he turned out early in the season, he seems to have found a balance to his command and will look to keep the home crowd optimistic. He is a bi-polar pitcher, rarely appearing somewhere in the middle, and while Houstonians suffer in the sweltering heat, perhaps Harrell can bring some fire of his own.

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