Jose Reyes Time Looms For Toronto Blue Jays Earlier Than Expected

By Thom Tsang
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Will the return of Jose Reyes be too little, too late?

That’s not a question that the Toronto Blue Jays can answer yet, of course, even though the general take of the state of the team’s 2013 season (and also a good section of a frustrated fan base) would probably say that the answer is a rather simple ‘yes.’

Even you happen to be the most jaded, upset fan in Blue Jays nation, though, it’s hard to imagine that the return of the team’s infield spark plug could be seen as anything but a positive.

And the better news? It might come sooner than expected.

Well, that’s according to’s Gregor Chisholm, who reports that while the team is currently targeting an end-of-June return for Reyes, that timetable could be “moved up depending on how he feels over the next week or so”. Considering that the shortstop was initially expected to be out until the All-Star break when his ankle injury originally occurred, that he might be back before that is already positive news.

But if he could make it back onto the Rogers Center turf in a little over a week or so? Well that’d just be icing on the cake.

That will, of course, all depend on how he feels (and performs) over his rehab stint, which is expected to start on Monday. And depends on how much you want to read into reports about his performance in the simulated games he played on Saturday (two hits, including a triple, and two walks), Blue Jays fans might just have some exciting box scores to read in the next week … even if it will be only be Class-A.

As for the impact he might have for the big league club? Well, if he can even come close the amazing .395/.465/.526 start he had through his first 43 PA of the season, it’s hard to imagine that the Blue Jays would not be instantly transformed — because that’s just the kind of ability he has.

Is it enough to spark the team on a long enough run to regain all of that lost ground? One step at a time, I suppose.

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