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Philadelphia Phillies: Trade Michael Young and Play Kevin Frandsen

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Young's bat isn't what this Phillies' lineup needed

Young's bat isn't what this Phillies' lineup needed
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Obviously Kevin Frandsen isn't a long-term infield answer. But, why not trade Michael Young as soon as possible so that Frandsen can play more games for the Philadelphia Phillies this season?

The iconic Texas Rangers' infielder didn't cost much in talent (Josh Lindblom and Lisalverto Bonilla), or treasure (the Phillies are only responsible for $6 million out of the $16 million owed to him this year) when he was obtained in the off-season. But, general manager Ruben Amaro, Junior's creative idea to fill his third base hole with Young's bat hasn't worked.

Young has no range in the field and little pop left at the plate. The 36-year-old veteran hasn't helped the Phillies' lineup and won't be back next year.

It doesn't make sense to wait a month and a half to trade him. Instead, Amaro should make whatever deal he can as soon as possible. Taking this step now isn't likely to net much in return, but it could save the club as much as $3 million dollars in salary as long as Young's suitor doesn't require money to sweeten their mood.

Frandsen performed so well during Placido Polanco's absence last season that he created a spot for himself on this year's team. This gritty guy possesses a can-do attitude that will be playoff worthy in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

Freddy Galvis is a sensational infield glove man. However, he'll remain a part-time player for the foreseeable future as long as his swing isn't consistently strong enough.

As far as the Phillies' infield future goes: Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs second baseman Cesar Hernandez might (and that's a big might) eventually take over for Chase Utley.

Cody Asche, who's also currently in Triple-A, is having another good minor league season this year. The soon-to-be 23-year-old (June 30) remains in the third base mix for 2014.

Further down in the minor leagues: Third base prospects' Maikel Franco (Clearwater) has 15 home runs through his first 63 games and Mitch Walding (Lakewood) has strong fielding skills and offensive potential.

Galvis, Hernandez and Asche could all be on the Phillies' roster next season depending upon their production and other roster adjustments. Franco and Walding are too far away to make any definitive projections at this time, but at least they provide legitimate infield system depth.

With Young's Phillies' future certainly limited, it makes sense to tell Frandsen that third base is his for the bulk of this season. Come September he can share that spot with Asche, who should be recalled for an audition.

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Frandsen can fill the gap again

Frandsen can fill the gap again this season
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Kevin Frandsen's .338 batting average and .834 OPS were fueled through adrenaline last season. However, his continued passionate presence is no fluke.

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This 14-year veteran is clearly past his prime

This 14-year veteran is clearly past his prime
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Young's fielding limitations have been more noticeable because his offensive punch has been muted this season. This true team guy was willing to man a position that he hadn't played regularly since 2010. So, criticism about his lack of diamond latitude has rightfully been restrained.

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Frandsen isn't the future, but he's good for now

Frandsen isn't the future, but he's good for now
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Kevin Frandsen isn't a great glove man. But, his overall game is likely to be better than what Young can offer for the remainder of this season.

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Young is best-suited for the American League

Young is best-suited for the American League
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An American League team in need of a sound veteran could use Michael Young. A designated hitter slot and Young's familiarity with the Junior Circuit’s pitching staffs could prove to be a good match for a team that's in playoff contention.

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This 31-year-old journeyman's attitude will always be needed

This 31-year-old journeyman's attitude will always be needed
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When a team is building for the future, the right type of veteran players need to be retained. Kevin Frandsen appreciates his major league job, has a steady swing and is versatile in the field. He also has an attitude that can help this team win again.