St. Louis Cardinals are Nearly Unbeatable but How Long Will it Last?

By David Miller
Lance Lynn St Louis Cardinals
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In a shocking turn of events Lance Lynn, starter for the St. Louis Cardinals who came into the game 8 – 1 gave up a whopping seven runs in only a five inning performance on Saturday. Who finally got to Lynn for all these runs? The Miami Marlins were the culprit. Who? That’s right the Marlins knocked around Lynn for seven runs. What did the Cardinals do in response? Oh, they scored 13 runs and not only won the game but gave Lynn his ninth win in the process.

They are nearly unbeatable right now. The Cardinals are without a doubt the best team in Major League Baseball and this game proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. I mean no other team seems to really be close. As good as they are right now they would be anyone’s easy pick for the World Series title. But this is June and that happens in October. Can this great play last that long?

Of course not. No team ever plays this good all season long. The Cardinals have hit tiny little skids and in all likelihood they will hit a big skid after the all-star break messes with their momentum a little bit. That is only a problem because as good as the Cardinals are; there are two teams that are in fact quite close to them. The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates to name team names are both within four games of the great playing Cardinals.

The only real problem with that fact is the simple tidbit that both teams are in the same division that the Cardinals cannot put away no matter how good they play. The Cardinals are the class of baseball but they are playing in the best division in baseball. I know they won’t play this well all season but they had better come close. If they don’t they will wind up fighting it out for a wildcard spot.

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