Who's To Blame For New York Mets' Woes This Season?

By Steven Carollo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets just dropped yet another game, bringing their record down to a disgusting 24-38. This time, it was to the lowly Chicago Cubs with a final score of 6-3, which now makes the Cubs 27-38. Yes, the Mets are worse than the Cubs.

Now every Mets fan knew that this was not going to be a playoff-caliber season, but instead was one where they could enjoy the development of the team’s young pitching and hitting. Well, outside of Mets’ phenom Matt Harvey, every other player has been a complete bust.

No one in their wildest dreams thought Ike Davis could have a worse first half than last year, but not only has it been worse, it has been so bad that the Mets were forced to send Davis down to Triple-A.

Now Davis seems to be the fall guy for the team’s putrid start but truth be told, any player outside of David Wright, Daniel Murphy and Matt Harvey deserves to be sent down. But since the Mets are a minor league team, there is no need to.

The Mets have alot of alarming statistics. For instance, not a single batter in the lineup is batting over .300, and outside of Harvey, there is no one else in the starting rotation that has an ERA below 4.00.

So the question is who is to blame for this?

Like I said earlier, no Mets fan thought this team was going to the playoffs, but they at least expected them to be somewhat competitive. Instead, the team’s play is just simply pathetic.  There is no other way around it.

If I had to blame someone, it would be the owner and GM. I hold Mets’ manager Terry Collins at no fault because, well, just look at the roster. Collins has absolutely nothing to work with. This is why owner Fred Wilpon and GM Sandy Alderson deserve all of the blame for the team’s beyond pitiful season thus far — because Wilpon is in charge of the money and Alderson is in charge of getting the players.

Collins and the Mets faithful are getting a raw deal, and Alderson actually believes that the team is gonna contend next season? Yeah right. Contending for what? Fourth place?

Don’t hold your breath, Mets fans. You’ll thank me later.

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