When Will 2013 First-Round Pick Tim Anderson Make An Impact For Chicago White Sox?

By Matt Malecha
Tim Anderson Chicago White Sox
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox, like many other MLB teams, usually have a certain motto or phrase each season that’s supposed to represent their team for that year. This year’s White Sox motto is “Make An Impact”.

Although the Whit Sox have struggled to “Make An Impact” on the field so far in 2013, their front office hopes they have a young player by the name of Tim Anderson that will make a whole lot of impact in a White Sox uniform in the future.

Anderson, the White Sox 2013 first-round draft pick, was in Chicago Wednesday to sign a Minor League contract with the Sox. The 19-year-old shortstop out of East Central Community College received a $2.164 million bonus in his deal, and he’ll begin his White Sox career at Advanced Rookie Bristol, where he’ll play shortstop.

With his contract signed and his minor league assignment announced, the only question now is, just how quickly with Anderson “Make An Impact”?

Given his lack of baseball experience and the Sox being perfectly content with their current shortstop Alexei Ramirez, my guess is Anderson won’t be making his major league debut anytime soon. The quickest path for Anderson to the big leagues might be by way of a different position, but it doesn’t appear as if Chicago wants to move the athletic shortstop quite yet.

With all things considered, 2016 seems about right for Anderson to truly make his impact with the Sox. Ramirez is signed with Chicago until 2015 with a team option for 2016, making that season the perfect time for the Sox to evaluate the best direction for both Anderson and the team. Anderson will also get the experience he needs down at the minors to develop into an everyday major league player.

Although the slogan on Chicago’s south side is sure to have changed once Anderson arrives, all signs point to him having the ability to “Make An Impact” for the Sox once given the opportunity.

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