Los Angeles Dodgers Should Play Well; Help Don Mattingly Beat Yankees

By David Miller
Don Mattingly Los Angeles Dodgers
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

This week Don Mattingly is returning to face the New York Yankees in Yankee Stadium. I feel certain that anyone in his position would agree that the feeling of facing his old team never grows old on him. At the same time he is a fiercely competitive manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers now and I’m sure has no plans to allow his love of the Yankees to cloud that. On the other hand I wonder if it makes him want to beat them more. The Dodgers really owe him their best effort given the situation.

Of course his team should give Mattingly their best effort every single game they play. I don’t think they have done that all season long however and that is why they are the only team out of current contention in the National League West. They have a huge payroll and loads of talent on both sides of the ball so there is no reason other than lack of effort for them to be in the position they are in.

To be clear I don’t mean to suggest they aren’t trying their hardest on the field. I just wonder if each and every player has done their best to be the best team as they can be. Things have certainly improved with the addition of Yasiel Puig but one man cannot make that big of a difference. What Puig did was get the other guys excited and focused the way they should have been all year long. Now the Dodgers should redouble those efforts once again as they face Mattingly’s old team. I think they owe him that much as some already are throwing his name out there as being on the ‘hot seat’.

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