MLB Power Rankings: Mid-June Edition

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Which Team Will be No. 1?

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We have reached the middle of June and teams around MLB has played between 65-70 games at this point in time. It’s a good time to take a look at where the 30 teams are ranked. I have put together what I believe are the MLB Power Rankings through games on June 16. There are definitely some things to look for.

The fact that the top two teams in the whole game right now come from the same division should come as no surprise to anyone who has been watching. The question is whether or not those two teams will head up playing each other in the playoffs for a trip to the World Series. It is also very top-heavy as well with one league. You got the National League with the top three teams and four of the top six, but that’s it for the top 10. It may really come down to the All Star Game winner to see who wins the whole thing this year because homefield may be even more important than usual.

There are obviously the disappointments as well, and some of the teams that were expected to be at the top of their divisions are hovering around the .500 or below mark. The next month is going to be very critical to those teams in particular to see if the expectations that were put on the team to begin the season are realized. I’m not sure that all of them will be making a second-half comeback, though. Here are my MLB Power Rankings going into play on June 17.

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30. Miami Marlins (21-47)

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The worst team around can’t seem to get anything going for them. They have scored just 213 runs on the year which is 24 fewer than the next worst team.

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29. Houston Astros (26-44)

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They may avoid losing 110 games if they keep going on these winning streaks. This one is four games long. I still expect trades at the deadline, but this is not as dire of a situation than initially thought.

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28. New York Mets (25-39)

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It was an impressive ninth inning rally on Sunday, but this team has no offense outside of David Wright. Ike Davis is back in the minors and Lucas Duda isn’t hitting for average.

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27. Milwaukee Brewers (28-40)

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The injury to Ryan Braun doesn’t help with chances to get out of the cellar in the NL Central. They can be better than their record, but need Braun and Corey Hart back in short order.

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26. Chicago White Sox (28-38)

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This season gets more and more disappointing by the day. Adam Dunn is finally having a hot streak, but the rest of the offense seems to have fallen asleep.

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25. Chicago Cubs (28-39)

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It was another Carlos Marmol implosion on Sunday. If the team’s bullpen could hold a lead, the record would be much closer to the .500 mark right now.

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24. Los Angeles Dodgers (29-39)

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The record isn’t good obviously, but the emergence of Yasiel Puig has made a player like Andre Ethier expendable. When Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez return as well, this team will surge up the standings.

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23. Seattle Mariners (31-39)

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Felix Hernandez is doing everything he can to lead, but the offense needs to show up some more. The hot starts of Michael Morse and Kendrys Morales have faded away.

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22. Los Angeles Angels (30-39)

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The offense has come around and it looks like things have turned around. If the team is going to find a way to win the AL West, they need Albert Pujols to be his old self again.

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21. Minnesota Twins (30-36)

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It was looking good for the first two months, but things are slowly slipping away. It may be up to Joe Mauer to take the team on his shoulders for any run to happen.

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20. Philadelphia Phillies (33-37)

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I think we will be seeing a lot of changes with this team at the deadline. Cliff Lee is the most likely target in a trade. They have been outscored by 49 runs so far this year.

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19. Toronto Blue Jays (32-36)

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There is a lot to like here with a five-game winning streak for a team that is stacked with offense. Jose Reyes should be back soon and that only makes them more dangerous.

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18. Kansas City Royals (33-34)

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This was supposed to be the year where the team put it all together. They are near the .500 mark and have the offense to make a second half wild card run behind Billy Butler.

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17. Washington Nationals (34-34)

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The injury to Bryce Harper, along with a struggling Stephen Strasburg, makes this team not playoff worthy at this point. It is going to be an uphill climb in the second half of the season.

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16. Cleveland Indians (34-34)

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The offense has been good to start the year and the pitching is doing just enough. The division isn’t getting away from them either and a run is possible in the second half.

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15. San Francisco Giants (35-33)

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It has been a disappointing first half for the defending champs. Tim Lincecum has been bad, Matt Cain hasn’t been much better and Ryan Vogelsong is hurt. The signs point to no playoffs.

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14. San Diego Padres (35-34)

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It has been a great turnaround with a six-game winning streak going into Monday’s play. The pitching has been solid, but can they keep it up?

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13. Tampa Bay Rays (36-33)

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I’m sure that the team didn’t want to be near the .500 mark right now and in fourth place. Jeremy Hellickson must pitch much better than he has in the early going.

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12. Colorado Rockies (37-33)

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The injury to Troy Tulowitzki may derail this team and they got lucky that Carlos Gonzalez didn’t get hurt on the same day. If the pitching can hold up, it will be a great last three months.

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11. Arizona Diamondbacks (37-32)

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They lead the NL West behind great pitching, but have lost three straight now. Paul Goldschmidt and Patrick Corbin are on their way to award-winning years.

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10. Texas Rangers (38-31)

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A six-game losing streak has sent the team tumbling down the rankings. It will be something worth watching to see if Jurickson Profar is sent back down.

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9. New York Yankees (38-31)

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It has been a great first two and a half months in the Bronx, but injuries are slowing the team down again. This is going to be a very interesting next month or so.

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8. Detroit Tigers (38-29)

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They are outscoring their opponents by 85 runs on the season and Miguel Cabrera could win another Triple Crown. It will all come down to the closer, though, in the end.

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7. Baltimore Orioles (40-30)

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Chris Davis is looking more and more like the AL MVP with how hot he has been. I have to think this is a playoff team unless something really weird happens between now and the end of the year.

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6. Pittsburgh Pirates (41-28)

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This may be the year that the team finishes with a .500 record or better. The loss of A.J. Burnett will definitely hurt, however.

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5. Oakland Athletics (42-29)

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It’s just another year of great pitching and solid hitting. Yoenis Cespedes and Coco Crisp are recovering from injuries and the team is still winning, which is stunning.

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4. Boston Red Sox (42-29)

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The best team in the AL right now just got Will Middlebrooks back and looks a lot better than I thought they would be to start this year. We could be looking at the team with homefield advantage in the playoffs.

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3. Atlanta Braves (41-28)

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Dan Uggla has been hot lately and B.J. Upton is turning things around, which are both very good signs. The NL East is going through the deep South now.

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2. Cincinnati Reds (42-28)

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The second-best team in their own division and also the second-best team in the game right now. They are getting a tremendous contribution from Shin-Soo Choo in his first year.

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1. St. Louis Cardinals (44-25)

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It has been an impressive season so far with the best record in the whole league and the fact that they have outscored the opponents by 102 runs. They will be hard to beat the rest of the year.