New York Mets' Future On Display In Tuesday Double Header

By Bryan Zarpentine
Zack Wheeler
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The New York Mets fans that have been watching in agony for the past two and a half months will get one big silver lining on Tuesday, as both Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler will pitch on the same day, as both will start games in a double header against the Atlanta Braves. For Harvey, it’ll be the next start in what has been a brilliant season, and for Wheeler, it will be his much-anticipated MLB debut.

For the past two years, Mets fans have suffered through a lot of losing, while dreaming of the day when both Harvey and Wheeler would headline the team’s rotation. Now that dream is about to come true because that day is here.

With both Harvey and Wheeler taking the mound on Tuesday, Mets fans will get a good look at the two pitchers that will lead the franchise for years to come. Harvey and Wheeler have long been considered the future of the organization, and now that future is finally here.

Matt Harvey
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The Mets have put a lot of stock in their young pitching, and now that Wheeler has arrived in the big leagues while Harvey is establishing himself as one of the best pitchers in baseball, the Mets are taking the next step in the rebuilding process, a step they hope will make them a more competitive team, and quickly.

Wheeler will in no way be a savior for the Mets this season. He should also not be expected to replicate the success Harvey has had this season. However, Mets fans should expect to see a pitcher with a world of talent who has had adequate seasoning in the minors and is ready to pitch, and more importantly, ready to succeed in the big leagues.

Tuesday will be a big day for the Mets because it will welcome a new era in the history of the franchise. If the Mets are going to get things turned around in the years to come, it’s going to happen with Harvey and Wheeler leading the front of the rotation. It’s fitting that Wheeler’s debut will come on the same day that Harvey also makes a start, because the two will be forever linked, as the two young pitchers that ushered in a new era in Mets history.

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