New York Yankees Have Hit Offensive Road Bump

By Holly Berkowitz
Mark Teixeira
Kelley L. Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees make have broke breaking a 20-inning scoreless streak on Friday, but the way it’s been going, the team could started it all over again at any time.

It is no longer too early in the season to get worried. These games are important and the Yankees are not capitalizing on the rare chances they do get with runners in scoring position, while their rivals seem to just keep on winning. The Yankees have gone from a team that was in first place and working together as an unlikely cohesive unit to a team that is fraught with problems, the first and foremost of which is offense.

They are undoubtedly missing the players who are still on the DL; the re-loss of Curtis Granderson was a blow, and the continuing loss of Derek Jeter hurts them every day as the captain who led the major leagues in hits last year is missing. Mark Teixeira has hurt himself again, and the Yankees are even missing Mr. Biogenesis himself (though I hope and pray that Alex Rodriguez does not return).

In 2012, the Yankees were second in RBIs and tied for fourth in homers. They currently rank 21st and 11th respectively in those categories.

This is not to diminish those players who have stepped up this year. Brett Gardner, Jayson Nix and Chris Stewart, have all risen to the occasion and helped the Yanks out. However, they are not offensive juggernauts, and their efforts are not enough to lift the Yankees in these close games they keep losing.

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