Oakland A's, City of Oakland Face Reality of Crumbling Infrastructure

By Kris Hughes


Oakland Athletics Vs. Texas Rangers
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The city of Oakland, California is in the midst of a dire battle against economic uncertainty and crumbling infrastructure which has had all kinds of unexpected effects, most recently, to the home of the Oakland A’s, the 46-year old Oakland – Alameda County Coliseum.

Due to plumbing issues within the stadium, raw sewage has overflowed in many of the facility’s bathrooms causing a health crisis of the first magnitude, and forcing teams to share older locker rooms for post and pre-game rituals.

In short, it’s a disgusting turn of events.

The joint partners of the City of Oakland and Alameda County are responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the aging facility, but neither has the capital available due to the 2009 economic meltdown and the resulting loss of funds to ensure upkeep and maintenance are consistent.

It’s a classic example of bureaucratic gridlock that prevents even the most unhealthy situations to come to a quick resolution. You have to figure things will get taken of sooner than later given how much national attention the issue has now garnered, but it’s a sad state of affairs nonetheless.

It’s no secret that the A’s have been searching for a new home without luck over the course of the past half-decade or so and want more than anything to either play in a new, modern stadium (something which is pie-in-the-sky) at this point given the financial situation, or move on to a new home all together.

The City of San Jose has been courting the A’s for some time now, but the logistics of the team moving into Silicon Valley have been complex to be mild.

As our country, and states like California, continue to battle with the consequences of a financial meltdown which we have all been led to believe is in the rear-view, scenarios like we’ve seen play out over the past few days at Oakland- Alameda County Coliseum could become the rule rather than the exception.

It’s hardly a rarity for “real-life” issues to cross over into the past-times and get-aways we all seek out — like professional sports.

The lines between the mundane and our escapes are blurring everyday, and don’t promise to revert to being clear anytime soon.

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