Forget Jonathan Papelbon — the Boston Red Sox need Matt Garza

By Shaun P Kernahan
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of talk recently linking the Boston Red Sox to Jonathan Papelbon. That would be a terrible move for the Red Sox.

The Sox already have a bunch of money tied up in often injured closers Andrew Bailey and Joel Hanrahan, and adding another just doesn’t make sense. Seeing Alfredo Aceves called up today makes it painfully obvious the position in need of upgrade before the trade deadline is starting pitching, and the target is obvious.

After Jon Lester and Clay Buchholtz, there isn’t a pitcher trustworthy enough to roll out in a playoff series. The obvious and correct trade to make is for Chicago Cubs’ Matt Garza.  Garza has long been considered the best starter to be available at the trade deadline, and there is a relationship between the Red Sox and the Cubs management given Theo Epstein is there.

Garza spent the beginning of his career with the Tampa Bay Rays and has pitched in pennant chases, so he is a guy that knows the division and knows how to pitch in big spots.

I am sure part of the trade negotiations would include assurance that the Red Sox could sign Garza to a long term deal, and with all the money they got rid of in the huge trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, Boston would likely be the best spot for Garza to land financially.

Add him to Lester and Buchholtz, and I am not sure there is a better top three pitchers in the AL. It’s a move that could set the Sox up for a run deep into October.

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