Minnesota Twins show Fighting Spirit in Defeat of Chicago White Sox

By David Miller
Ryan Doumit Minnesota Twins
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one thing that separates good teams for bad ones it is the ability to come back when down by several runs. Something that separates them even more than that is the ability to withstand a big comeback and then put the game away again. The Minnesota Twins jumped out to a big four run lead on Tuesday night and really could have sat there on that lead. They did as a matter of fact basically sit on it, only adding one run through the rest of the middle part of the game. When the Chicago White Sox tied it up in the eighth, the Twins did what a really good team would do. They put more runs down and won the game.

So many times a team can feel good after jumping to a big lead only to lose everything when it evaporates before their eyes. That happened to the Twins, the evaporating lead part I mean, on Tuesday. What they did however in winning the game anyway with a rally of their own shows strength and a fighting spirit that many don’t realize this team has. Joe Mauer had another great game as did Ryan Doumit.

Something else the Twins have that some might not know they have is a shut down closer in Glen Perkins who has converted 17 of 19 save chances this season. Once he comes in the game it is basically over no matter how good a team is that he faces. All of this shows me once again that this Twins team has more going for them than they have going against them. I think if they can get to where they get consistent starting pitching, they could be a thorn in somebody’s side in a month or so for sure.

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