10 Current MLB Players Who Would Make Great Managers

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10 Current MLB Players Who Would Make Great Managers

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If you think about the best managers in Major League Baseball right now, how many of them are former players? Chances are nearly all of them are current players of course. Mike Matheny is doing a great job with the St. Louis Cardinals and Bo Porter is bringing the Houston Astros along quite well. Don Mattingly and the Los Angeles Dodgers seem to be a match made in determination heaven. It makes you wonder which of the current MLB players would make great managers one day.

A great manager must know how to play the game of baseball the right way while also being somewhat successful. Though, success is not as important in a future manager as work ethic and respect. Someone who has a great work ethic, plays the game the right way and has the respect of players on his team and around the major leagues has what it takes to make a great manager.

One example of a recently retired player would be former Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones. Chipper played the game the right way on the field and cared more for his team than money when the business side of things crept up. His loyalty and the way he went about his daily business make him a perfect future managerial candidate.

There are several that come to mind but this list will focus on those I believe to be the 10 best candidates among current MLB players. If you disagree please leave a comment below. Also if you think of someone you believe I overlooked, list them below as well.

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10 - Lance Berkman

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Lance Berkman is a model of consistency even after his prime MLB playing days have passed. That results from hard work and doing things the right way on a daily basis. Those are perfect managerial traits.

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9 - Raul Ibanez

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The work Raul Ibanez has done for the Seattle Mariners is stunning when you think about it. He is clearly out of his prime and doesn’t play every day but leads the team in homers. What does that tell you about this guy’s work ethic? Yep, he’s got it.

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8 - Dustin Pedroia

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Pedroia’s time with the Boston Red Sox has shown that someone who might not be the biggest and strongest on the outside can be the strongest on the inside. Great qualities like that draw the respect of all of MLB.

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7 - Joe Mauer

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The fact that Joe Mauer still plays his very best baseball for the Minnesota Twins speaks all that you need to know about his ability and his loyalty. He is one of the most respected players in baseball and clearly has a managerial future if he should chose it.

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6 - Todd Helton

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Helton is another one of our beloved veterans that is still very effective when healthy just because he plays the game the right way. He leads by example and is a leader even if he isn’t on the field. He is a lot like former teammate and current Colorado Rockies manager Walt Weiss and will be just as good of a manager one day.

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5 - Evan Longoria

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The Tampa Bay Rays develop talent very well but Evan Longoria has more than talent. He is one of the most respected third basemen in the game. He plays hard and does things the right way. Work ethic, loyalty and respect; all of the qualities are there. Longoria has a while to play yet but look for him in someone’s dugout when he retires.

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4 - David Wright

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Do you remember the uproar that happened because of the large amount of money the New York Mets paid David Wright? No? Me neither because it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because everyone including you and me know how special of a guy this is. Wright has been a leader since the first season he stepped onto the field. He’ll lead by example for the rest of his career and afterwards.

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3 - Jason Giambi

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Jason Giambi is a great story. At the age of 43 he is still playing and having an impact but he is actually kind of a coach already. Recently he legged out an infield hit and dove for the bag to get a base hit in a blowout game. That spells leader to me. He has led and continues to lead by example each and every day whether in the line-up or not.

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2 - Paul Konerko

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The Chicago White Sox might as well refer to Konerko as a special assistant to the manager right now. He goes out and works hard this year just like he has every year. His youth left a while ago but his steady and trustworthy production has never faltered. Unless he chooses not to, Konerko will be a great manager within ten years.

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1 - Yadier Molina

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For some reason it seems that great catchers make great managers. I think it is because a great catcher cares for and is involved in every facet of the game. In a way, a hard working catcher is like a manager on the field every inning and every pitch. He calls where to throw the ball to and which pitch to throw next. Of current everyday catchers that have this game management ability, none are better than St. Louis Cardinals backstop Yadier Molina. He is a leader and a respected player who honors the game of baseball with nearly every step he takes on the field. It won’t take long after his playing days and he’ll manage from the dugout instead of behind the plate.