Daniel Murphy is New York Mets' Most Overrated Player

By Steven Carollo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy is by far the most overrated player on the current roster.  Now saying this I do not mean Murphy has no talent, as he has proved to be a very good hitter.  But other than being a good hitter, he is not as special as many Mets fans say he is.

Murphy is an okay fielding second baseman at best, and that is being very generous.  His only strength, like I mentioned before, is his bat, but when you look closely at his stats, you will see that not even his hitting is that impressive.  Murphy is a career .290 hitter and is currently batting .279 with five home runs and 31 RBI this season as we near the end of June.

When you listen to New York sports radio, at least once a day you will hear Mets fans praising Murphy and saying he is a cornerstone for the Mets franchise and needs to be here for the Mets to have any future success.

Really?  Murphy is a great guy and a fan favorite, I understand that, but honestly he is nothing more than an above average, solid baseball player.  There is nothing special about the man, and I believe if one day the Mets can trade him for an outfielder and some draft picks or prospects, I would immediately jump at that deal.

A lot of Mets fans would be disappointed to see Murphy go, but people have to realize that he is not a necessity for the team’s future; if a good deal comes along they have to let go.  Murphy is a good player but nothing more, and that’s why he is the most overrated Mets player on their current roster.

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