Minnesota Twins' Walkup Song Redux: Justin Morneau

By Brian Wille
Justin Morneau
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Walkup songs have become one of the most identifiable and unique ways for players to showcase their individuality during a baseball game on a nightly basis. Some walkup songs have sentimental value, while others are for show or reflect the athlete’s taste in music. This season I decided to look at players on the Minnesota Twins, analyze their walkup song choice and provide some alternative songs that, I believe, better fit their persona.

I started off this series by reviewing Joe Mauer’s walkup song—which you can access by clicking here—and now I will turn my attention to the second face of the Twins’ franchise, Justin Morneau, for my second entry.  Morneau has been a very productive and popular player for years with the Twins and has recently been rumored as a likely trade candidate if the Twins fall out of contention. With that in mind, it is important that we analyze Morneau’s walkup song now in case he is traded at some point this season.

Morneau’s current selection for a walkup song is “Rock & Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” by AC/DC and while that is a hard rock song that would signify a power hitter in the middle of the lineup, it no longer fits who Morneau is. Morneau is not the power hitting first basemen who is going to his 30-35 homeruns a season anymore. Instead, he is a 15-20 homerun hitter who still can drive in 100 runs; thus, a new walkup tune is needed. Below are the three options that I believe would fit him best.

Option number one would be the “Theme Song” to Dudley Do-Right, which can be accessed by clicking on the song title. Morneau, if you don’t know already and have lived under a rock and haven’t followed Twins’ baseball over the past decade, grew up in Canada and Dudley Do-Right is a cartoon about a Canadian Mountie—a royal police force member in Canada—who is always trying to catch his nemesis while upholding and protecting the law. If you listen to the song it is a little quirky, but it kind of fits the light-mannered attitude and style that Morneau now plays with. It more or less is the best way, in my opinion, for Morneau to display his Canadian heritage without fully walking up to “O Canada”.

Option number two would be the “The Hockey Song” by Stompin’ Tom Connors. Morneau has been known to be quite the hockey enthusiast—no surprise because he grew up in Canada—his entire life. It has also been said that Morneau was a very talented goalie during his high school years and even pondered playing professional hockey before he committed to baseball full-time. For that reason, “The Hockey Song” feels like a viable candidate for Morneau’s walkup song.

The Final option that I would suggest is “So What Cha Want” by the Beastie Boys. Heading into the season, it was rumored that Morneau wanted out of Minnesota to play on a contending team because he was sick of losing and didn’t want to go through a rebuilding project in the later years of his career; however, it has also been reported that Morneau would like to finish his career with the Twins. This begs the question, what is it that Morneau wants? In addition, Morneau hasn’t had the power numbers that he is used to and if you listen to the lyrics of this song it seems like a song that people who want to prove they still have power—or have power they have yet to unleash—would play and listen to in order to fire them up. Whatever the case may be, “So What Cha Want” would be a great tune to fit Morneau’s personality this season.

Those are my three options to replace Morneau’s current walkup song of “Rock & Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” by AC/DC. What song do you think would be most fitting? Feel free to respond via Facebook or via Twitter with your responses.


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