San Diego Padres Lose Offensive Spark Plug As Everth Cabrera Heads To DL

By Thom Tsang


Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As if the San Diego Padres needed any less offense.

Yet, less offense is what they’ll have, as they’ve finally bit the bullet on the guy who might just be their most important hitter outside of Chase Headley:

Everth Cabrera has actually been out of action with a strained hamstring since Sunday and given his type of skill set, that he’s going to be taking a minimum 15-day break was all but an inevitability from the moment the injury occurred.

Even if you don’t take his team-leading 3.6 fWAR into consideration for some reason, it should go without saying that the Friars really don’t another .305/.382/.418 player just lying around their lineup, let alone one on pace for 60-plus steals. In short, the team’s offense starts with the shortstop. He current leads the team with 37 runs and a OBP of .382, and his game-changing speed might just be the best in game today.

That’s no slight to Logan Forsythe and Chris Denorfia, who actually went a combined 5-for-10 with four runs and a pair of RBIs over the last two games from the leadoff spot in in Cabrera’s absence (the former even added a steal of his own), but the fact is that the complete, dynamic package of both offense and defense that the shortstop brings will be missed, and could be kind of a big deal if he’s out for an extended period of time.

That’s where the good news come in, though. According to Casey Brock of, Cabrera has said that he doesn’t expect to be out any longer than the duration of the DL as the strain is considered to be a mild one.

That should put him back in action around the team’s interleague road series against the Boston Red Sox, giving him ample time to get back to speed before the Padres head home to take on their divisional rivals Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants in consecutive series before the All Star break.

And considering that the race in the NL West between the top four teams are separated by just a couple of games headed into Wednesday’s action … you could say it might just be make-or-break time for the Padres.

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