Los Angeles Dodgers' Yasiel Puig Should Not Be Named To All-Star Team In 2013

By Matthew Muench
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

Yes, Yasiel Puig has been amazing during his first two weeks in MLB. Yes, he is going to be a superstar with the Los Angeles Dodgers for years to come. Yes, he is fun to watch and is the fastest rising star in the league.

But if you ask me if he should he be on the All-Star team this season, the answer is an easy no. He shouldn’t even be considered. Here is why:

Firstly, he has only played 15 games in his young career and when the rosters are announced, he will have played a maximum of 31 games. His numbers (.475/.500/.789) have been ridiculous since he burst onto the scene two weeks ago, but we should still slow down a bit.

Fans love to overreact a little when a young player gets called up and plays well. It’s even worse now with Twitter and social media explosions. Does anyone remember Bo Hart? I didn’t either. Well, he has the MLB record for most hits during the first 15 games of his career with 28. He didn’t even play a full season in the majors.

Is that going to happen to Puig? Probably not. But he will cool down.

Besides, he isn’t even on the ballot. You can write him in like people dabble Mickey Mouse on the line every four years during the Presidential Election, but write-in votes won’t get him in. In addition, players will not vote him in out of respect for more deserving players who have grinded every day in the majors since Opening Day. Players don’t want to join the hype the media has made for Puig. It won’t happen.

Lastly, the NL manager is Bruce Bochy, who leads the San Francisco Giants. Do you actually think he is going to pick a rival Dodger player over someone like Hunter Pence, who is one of his own guys? No chance Bochy takes Puig.

I think Puig’s only chance of making the roster is if Bochy decides to put him on the NL Final Vote ballot — the fan-only election for the last spot on each roster. I’m not a big fan of the Final Vote as it’s just a MLB ploy so they can get more clicks and unique viewers on its website. Plus, the Final Vote winner is usually result of who had the best campaign manager. It’s a joke and shouldn’t be a part of the selection process.

Dodgers fans should hope he doesn’t make the team. It will just put a bigger target on his back, and players from other teams won’t like it. Dodgers fans should just want to keep him for themselves for now. He will be an All-Star for years to come, but not this year.

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