Nathan Eovaldi Debut Start another Great Sign for Miami Marlins

By David Miller
Nathan Eovaldi Miami Marlins
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There are many good things going on for the Miami Marlins that have nothing to do with their win – loss ratio. Among those things is the emergence of a few great young talents in the outfield including the further cementing of Giancarlo Stanton as a confirmed star at the MLB level. During the Arizona Diamondbacks series this week another good sign came forward in the season debut of Nathan Eovaldi.

Eovaldi was slated to be the number two starter for the Marlins out of spring training when injury problems held him back. Immediately when hearing that the guy making his debut was going to be the number two starter I knew business was about to pick up. This wasn’t just some kid trying to make it, Eovaldi had proven he belonged at the big league level and 2013 is a big chance to prove just how good he can be.

He did not disappoint in his debut although he didn’t get the win. One bad pitch and a two run, game tying homer forced him into no decision land and the Marlins wound up losing on a walk-off homer in the ninth. Still they were in the ballgame until the end and any time the Marlins pull that off with a first place team, its news. They just won a big game over the St. Louis Cardinals as well. Things seem to be straightening out just a little for the team with baseball’s worst record. Eovaldi is yet another sign in that direction with his stellar debut start this week.

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