Seattle Mariners Aimed to Avoid a Pitcher’s Duel in Final Angels Game

By David Miller
Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

If you had to guess the ace of the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff you might take a few minutes to look over the numbers in the very real case that a name might not jump out at you. That is not the case for the Seattle Mariners. “King” Felix Hernandez kind of screams ace to me. The way he pitches as well as the way he carries himself convinces me he is the ace. When he is on the mound the Mariners know they have a chance to win even without much offense. On Thursday however, the final game of the series with the Los Angeles Angels, the Mariners jumped out way ahead.

Part of the reason they might have wanted to do that is to avoid the pitfalls of a pitcher’s duel. In game three of the series they watched Joe Saunders put up a heck of a game just to lose by one run to the slightly better C.J. Wilson of the Angels. On Thursday they hopped out with seven runs early and made sure one of the game’s best pitchers would have plenty of room to breathe as he went about the business of mowing down the Angels line-up.

The only issue with this is that it would be nice if they spread the wealth a little bit. I’m sure Saunders would have loved to have a few of those runs for himself. It would have gotten him a win for sure. I guess sometimes it’s the luck of the draw though and Hernandez tonight had one heck of a draw. If the Mariners could put up runs like that more often they would be undefeated. But then that’s true of everyone. I guess it is good to be the “King” after all.

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