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Vin Scully Takes Over Los Angeles Dodgers’ Twitter Account

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Vin Scully takes over @Dodgers Twitter account

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

Longtime Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully has done it all behind the microphone during his long career of calling games for 64 years. On Wednesday night, he proved he could still entertain fans even without his notorious, famous voice.

Twitter, meet Vin Scully. During Wednesday night’s game against the New York Yankees he took over the official Dodgers’ Twitter account. It was awesome. Scully told stories, added some play-by-play and even gave us some insight on his life and why he wanted to become a broadcaster.

Of course, it would have been better to hear him call the game live, but Scully, who is 85-years old, has cut down his travel during the last few seasons and no longer travels to games East of Colorado. There were some rumors of him making the trip just because it was going to be the Yankees and it was in New York, where he jump-started his career, but he decided to stay home in the end because of the long travel plans.

His first tweet began just like you would have expected it to:

If you were like me, you read all of Vin Scully’s tweets in Vin Scully’s voice. For all of his tweets, check out the Dodgers' official Twitter account @Dodgers. For now, here is a quick slideshow of a few of his best tweets during last night’s 6-0 win.

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Scully on broadcasting

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

Well, Mr. Scully. I think you have done just fine. Since Scully took over the microphone, the Dodgers have been involved in 13 triple plays.

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Scully on Yasiel Puig

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

It has been no secret that Scully is a big fan of Dodgers rookie phenom Yasiel Puig. Earlier this season, he said he had never seen a rookie like Puig come up to the majors and take over a game like Puig has. He also went so far to saying Puig may be the most exciting player he has ever seen.

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Scully on trending on Twitter

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

When Scully was told he was trending worldwide on Twitter, this is what was tweeted:

Only Scully can make the phrase "hot diggity dog" sound cool.

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Scully on playing baseball

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This tweet was to all sports fans who think baseball is an easy sport. Thanks Vin, for pointing this out. If Vin Scully says something, it must be right. Scully also tweeted about his days as a baseball player in college and how he even played against a famous politician.

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Scully on being objective

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

This was my favorite tweet of the night. It's proof that Scully is the best at his profession. He has always been objective in the booth. No screaming like a maniac fan. No nonsense, gimmicky home run calls. When listening to Scully, you wouldn't know he worked for the Dodgers. That's the way it should be. It will be a sad day when he calls his last game.