Adam Dunn Continues to be Anchor Dragging Chicago White Sox Down

By Michael Guzman
Adam Dunn
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When it was announced that Adam Dunn would be transferring to the American League in 2011, the notion was that he would become the best DH since David Ortiz. Yet, the disastrous 2011 that followed surely has become an omen, a black hole cast into the center of the Chicago White Sox lineup where only strikeouts and dead momentum exists.

Dunn was never a flawless hitter. With an incredible ability to pull the ball and a historic ability to strike out, the price had to be right. So when the White Sox announced Dunn’s massive four-year contract worth $56 million, eyebrows were certainly raised.

And now, as all hope is certainly lost, the Chicago White Sox are between a rock and a hard place with regards to Dunn. He is now 33-years old, rather incapable of playing the field, and has an untradeable contract on a team in need of a rebuild.

Believe it or not, people still want to believe in Adam Dunn. That’s how absolutely abysmally disappointing he has been and how hard he has underperformed his contract, crippling a franchise’s progression. Dunn’s WAR for 2013 is still a -0.8, which means he should be replaced.

Despite making $15 million this year, Dunn is 16 runs worse than average, and has a -5 runs batting value (the second time he has been negative, the other being 2011). Dunn’s .726 OPS is abysmal, and once again shows he is on pace for his second-worst statistical season.

Trapped in a division that is only getting better on a team that seems to only be getting worse, there is going to be two more years of Dunn for the White Sox fans to trudge through. Remember also that as Paul Konerko continues to struggle, this means seeing Dunn not only as a designated hitter, but starting games at first base.

There is no hope for getting rid of Adam Dunn; there are no potential suitors for his massive contract to land. Bothered by a bad back, expect things to only get much worse as a struggling White Sox are stuck right where they are, unable to rebuild, partly thanks to him.

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