Hector Santiago Emerging as a Good Starter for Chicago White Sox

By David Miller
Hector Santiago Chicago White Sox
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

If you have ever worked somewhere where you were good at doing a couple of things and the boss continually asked you to switch from doing one to the other then you might feel a little like Hector Santiago. The Chicago White Sox pitcher is a bullpen guy by trade this year but each time someone has gone down he was the step in pitcher. Now he is getting more starts because of injury and though he surely isn’t pleased a teammate is injured, he is making the most of the opportunity.

Going into Friday night’s game Santiago had an ERA of 3.00 as a starter through seven starts. His record is 2 – 3 but even Chris Sale has taken tough losses for the Sox this year unfortunately. That ERA as a starter is nearly a run lower than his relief ERA. That might not be totally shocking considering the starting outing is spread out over more innings but if starting in the majors were easy, everyone would do it.

Santiago is proving again right now that it is easy enough for him. I’m not sure what the future holds for Santiago and the White Sox but if he isn’t going to be a starter for them I think he should try to be a starter for someone else. He still has plenty of life left in his arm and has proven now throughout this year that he is fully capable of getting the big boys out. He should get that chance next year I think.

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