Is Tyler Pastornicky Atlanta Braves Second Baseman of the Near Future?

By David Miller
Tyler Pastornicky Atlanta Braves
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Last season Tyler Pastornicky showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he could hit in Major League Baseball. The jump from triple-A to the bigs is not an easy one but Pastornicky displayed his clear ability for hitting at the high level of MLB. Then when he got injured the other great young shortstop for the Braves came up. When Andrelton Simmons stepped out to shortstop for the Braves, he put a nice house up with landscaping because he is there to stay.

What then happens to Pastornicky? Is he out of luck just because Simmons has such a humongous up side? Not entirely. Actually he will be given every chance to succeed it seems, just not at his native position of shortstop. This season at triple-A Pastornicky has moved to second base and is trying to learn that position good enough to play it at the major league level. Early signs are that he absolutely will be able to make the switch. What does that mean for the future of the Braves?

Dan Uggla has a couple more years left on his contract with the Braves but could be moveable if he continues to hit better. Is it possible that the Braves might eventually be open to moving Uggla in order to create space for Pastornicky to step for good at second? I think it is a very real possibility. Clearly Pastornicky is the second baseman of the 2015 Braves so why not make him the two bagger of the current or next year Braves? I would not be surprised to see it happen.

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