St. Louis Cardinals Holding Steady in First Place Despite Pressure

By David Miller
Mike Matheny St Louis Cardinals
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

By now it is not a secret that the St. Louis Cardinals have been Major League Baseball‘s best team for a while now. Almost the entire season has seen them sitting on top of the National League Central division and they continue to sit there now with a slim but comfortable lead. Who knows how much pressure they feel with the constant badgering of the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates on their heels but they most certainly do not show it on the field.

Literally for quite a few days over the last two months the best three teams in baseball have been the Cardinals, Reds and Pirates as the second and third place guys continue to win games. The Cardinals just will not give ground however. The Reds and Pirates have to be talking to themselves by now since they have a better record that most every team in baseball except the one right in front of them. I’m sure that can be extremely frustrating that the more they push the Cardinals just seem to get that much better.

Through all of the pressure however the Cardinals have stood firmly grounded in first place. I credit great managing and great on-the field play and game calling for their performance. Who knows how long they can keep it up but right not it looks clear that the Reds and Pirates are battling for Wildcard positioning because the Cardinals do not appear willing to give up first place, no matter how good the other two teams are.

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