Matt Dominguez is a Superstar in Making for Houston Astros

By David Miller
Matt Dominguez Houston Astros
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

From the earliest moments of Spring Training it has been clear that the Houston Astros had a potentially great player at third base in Matt Dominguez. Well, it might have been clear to everyone but I think most people figured it out. Certainly Bo Porter did when he gave him the job at third very early on. Another person that figured it out was the man writing these words right now. I would love to say that I hate to say I told you so. The truth is I love it when I’m right just as much as you do.

In an article written in March I called Dominguez out as a potential leader on the field for the Astros. Back in February I wrote that he was the perfect third baseman for the team. While I would love to take credit for being so smart in baseball, some things just aren’t that hard to figure out. Porter is where it starts because he is that smart in baseball. He had competitions everywhere in spring training but told Dominguez in February that the third base job was his.

That boost of confidence, as well as his natural ability, has turned Dominguez’s first full time season at third base into a showcase of a future superstar. He is batting .242 with 10 homers and leads the team with 41 RBI. His fielding percentage is down a little bit this year but he is a solid third baseman for sure. The very fact that his defense is the last point of the article speaks to just how good he has been this year. I have a feeling that he will only get better from here.

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