No Los Angeles Dodgers in Contention for All-Star Starting Berth

By Matthew Muench
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It is easy to find the Los Angeles Dodgers — just look for last place in the National League West.

But if you are trying to find the Dodgers’ players in the latest All-Star top vote-getters, good luck. The MLB released its latest vote totals on Sunday and no Dodgers are ranked in the Top 5 in infield positions or the Top 15 in the outfield as voted by the fans.

The numbers are not surprising because the Dodgers have had a molasses-like start to the season. But at the same time, you would think they would have at least one position player garnering votes simply because Los Angeles is a big market and the Dodgers have a global fan base.

What is really hilarious is the Dodgers’ marketing department is trying to campaign for Andre Ethier to make the squad because he has been “durable.” That is almost as funny as Either’s .190 batting average with runners in scoring position this season.

If there is a position player who should make it, it’s first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. He has been the most valuable player for the Blue Crew this year and if it wasn’t for him, they might be 15-20 games under .500. He is also the only player in MLB to lead his team in seven offensive categories (AVG., OBP, SLG., home runs, RBIs, hits, total bases).

But it could be hard for the first baseman to make the roster because of the position he plays. Joey Votto will get voted in and it would be hard for National League manager Bruce Bochy to not select Paul Goldschmidt, who may be the MVP of the National League so far. Freddie Freeman and Allen Craig also deserve spots on the roster. L

et’s not forget Brandon Belt. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bochy takes Belt, his own player on the San Francisco Giants.

Clayton Kershaw is probably the only sure bet who makes the squad for the Dodgers. Pitchers are not voted in by fans. Those selections are made by Bochy. Rookie Hyun-Jin Ryu also could get a nod and even closer Kenley Jansen could find a spot.

But don’t count on any position players making it to Citi Field in July unless they replace injured players. And definitely don’t count on Yasiel Puig making the roster. 

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