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10 Greatest Managers in MLB History

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Which Managers Make This List?

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When you look at the history of baseball, we have seen a lot of very quality managers come through the game over the last 130 years. There are many who have been successful and some that were expected to be better that just weren’t. I have put together a list of who I believe are the 10 greatest managers in MLB history.

I base a lot of my ideas on getting victories. I factored in World Series titles in my list as well. I’m sure there will be a lot of disagreement about where certain managers are on here or if they should even make the list. I can tell you right now that just three of the managers on my list have been on the bench in the last 10 years. The golden age of managers was many, many years ago. That is based a lot on someone staying in a certain job for a long time or the success that they had with that team.

I’m sure every fan wishes that they could have one of these people in charge of their favourite team because all of them were very good in their time. There are so many others that I had to leave off this list entirely, which is a shame, and it was very difficult to narrow this down to just 10 managers. It is going to be up to the managers of today to find a way to break onto this list. You think of Jim Leyland or Dusty Baker or even Lou Piniella. None of those managers made this list. Here is my list of the 10 greatest managers ever in MLB.

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10. Joe Torre

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Torre led the resurgence of the New York Yankees in the 1990s and finished with 2,326 career victories. He managed five different teams and won four World Series titles with the Yankees. He easily makes this list.

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9. Bobby Cox

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Cox is presently fourth on the all-time wins list with 2,504. He may have only won one World Series title, but his Atlanta Braves teams won 14-straight division titles. Cox was also ejected from 158 games.

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8. Walter Alston

8. Walter Alston
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Alston managed the Dodgers from 1954-1976, winning 2,040 games along the way. He was there while the team was in Brooklyn all the way to their move to Los Angeles. He managed four World Series-winning teams.

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7. Leo Durocher

7. Leo Durocher
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“Leo the Lip” won 2,008 games during his career and while he only won one World Series as a manager, his biggest contribution may have been turning the Chicago Cubs into a contender in the late 1960s.

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6. Casey Stengel

6. Casey Stengel
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There are few managers who were as entertaining as Stengel, who won 1,905 games overall. He won the World Series seven times while managing the New York Yankees. He also was the first manager of the New York Mets.

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5. Sparky Anderson

5. Sparky Anderson
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The leader of the Big Red Machine, Anderson won 2,194 wins over his career. He won three World Series titles, including back-to-back titles with Cincinnati in 1975 and 1976.

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4. Tony La Russa

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La Russa is one of the most successful modern managers with his 2,728 career wins, which is third all-time. He won the World Series three times during his 22-year managerial career.

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3. Connie Mack

3. Connie Mack
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Mack is easily the leader in most career wins with 3,731 and while he also lost 3,948 games over his managerial career, he is still one of the best ever. He was the manager of the Philadelphia Athletics for 50 years, leading them to five World Series titles.

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2. Joe McCarthy

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McCarthy has the best winning percentage of any manager with over 1,000 career wins with a .615 mark. He won the World Series seven times and had 2,126 victories during his long career.

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1. John McGraw

1. John McGraw
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McGraw won 2,763 games as a manager for two different teams, including 30 years with the New York Giants. He won three World Series and the National League pennant seven times.