Morale of Boston Sports Fans Rest on Boston Red Sox' Shoulders

By Shaun P Kernahan
Boston Fans
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Sportscenter has been impossible to watch for a week now for Boston Sports fans. It’s has been one crippling blow after another to three of the four major sports teams in the greater Boston area.

Boston Bruins fans sat stunned in the stadium, in sports bars, or on their couches when they saw a certain Game 7 disappear and the Chicago Blackhawks lift the cup at TD Ameritrade Arena after scoring two goals in just 17 seconds.

Boston Celtics fans are left with mixed feelings after the Los Angeles Clippers sent a draft pick to the Celtics for head coach Doc Rivers. While the Celtics are better off without a head man that doesn’t want to be there, the terms on which he left are less than pleasant and it all but signifies a turn to rebuilding.

New England Patriots fans were grateful to have a talented tight end like Aaron Hernandez on the roster  a week and a half ago given that Rob Gronkowski may miss the first several weeks of the NFL season. But now the Patriots have released Hernandez as he has been charged with murder and five gun-related charges.

So that leaves the Boston Red Sox: a team that has had trouble in the rotation and a mess at the closer position, yet suddenly they have the least negative emotions surrounding them. In fact, Boston sports fans have to throw their sports morale on the shoulders of the Red Sox.

So tonight, after Aaron Hernandez is arraigned, Doc Rivers is announced as the Clippers head coach, and the Bruins talk contract extensions rather than Game 7, Boston fans will turn to a fantastic pitching matchup (if this was 2003) between John Lackey and Roy Oswalt.

Red Sox, we are counting on you to put a smile back on the faces of Boston sports fans.

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