New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s Frustrations Reasonable

By Ryan Gaydos
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez tweeting his rehab progress is not the real problem that general manager Brian Cashman has with him. There is so much more than meets the eye between Cashman and Rodriguez. This rivalry is growing and it is only going to get worse as Rodriguez’s return nears.

The real problem is a culmination from Rodriguez’s high salary, poor playoff performance and his ties to performance-enhancing drugs. Anything that Rodriguez does off the field is a negative mark that is giving not only Cashman a bad reputation, but Rodriguez and the Yankees as well.

If you sign someone to a 10-year, $275 million deal expecting this player to become the new home run king and to win an inordinate amount of World Series and MVPs and this player does not do that, then you are going to be frustrated.

Not only that, but the constant uncovering of Rodriguez being tied to medical clinics that he should not be near and failing to perform at the plate in the most pressure-packed situations is something that stresses out everyone in the front office and every single fan of the Yankees.

Cashman finally said what many fans have always wanted to say to Rodriguez. He told Rodriguez to zip it, for lack of better words, and he is 100 percent correct. Until Rodriguez gets the Yankees back to the World Series, he should not be in the public eye or make himself a negative fixture for the media.

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