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5 Most Devastating Injuries to 2013 New York Yankees

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New York Yankees Most Devastating Injuries in 2013

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The New York Yankees are anemic offensively right now. The plain and simple truth is that they cannot score runs. In the month of June so far, they have scored four or more runs only 11 times out of 25 games. That is 44% which basically means even with a quality start from a man in the rotation, which is at least six innings letting up three or less runs, they struggle to win. The Yankees also have 11 wins out of the 25 games this month, so the stats obviously say, if they can score runs, they win, which is accredited to their pitching.

Sure, this lineup is not what anyone dreamed it would be at the end of June, which is a testament to all of the injuries that the Yankees have had to endure. Losing All-Stars along with complementary players is something that every team has to deal with during a grueling 162-game season, but what has happened to this Yankees club is almost comical. They are in the bottom four in runs scored, batting average, slugging percentage, on-base-percentage, and hits in the American League.

This is all accredited to the injuries that have plagued the Yankees. Some of them are more detrimental than others, but there have been so many, this team is a shell of what the Bronx Bombers should be. Still, the more impactful the player could be, the more harmful it is to the team, and this is a list of the top five most damaging injuries to this year’s team.

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5: Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez will always bring drama to the ball club, but if he is healthy, he is still an above-average third-baseman.

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4: Eduardo Nunez

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Eduardo Nunez is an X-factor off the bench who has speed and an above-average bat. He was also key because he has the ability to play both shortstop and third base, which would have given the veteran left side of the infield a day off from the field if all three were on the active roster together.

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3: Mark Teixeira

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Mark Teixeira is a Gold Glove first-baseman who can switch hit and has power from both sides of the plate. The Yankees desperately need an impact bat from the right side of the plate right now.

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2: Derek Jeter

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Derek Jeter is the Captain. He brings not only great production but a presence that no other player on the bench can bring.

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1: Curtis Granderson

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Curtis Granderson has hit 84 home runs the past two years for the Yankees. His swing is tailor made for Yankee Stadium, and the ball club desperately misses his ability to put the ball in the seats.