Will Playing Through Pain Shorten Albert Pujols' Career for Angels?

By David Miller

Have you seen the way Albert Pujols runs the bases for the Los Angeles Angels? Honestly it makes my feet hurt just to watch. Maybe it is because I know the issue but I think Pujols’ foot issue that has always been around is getting worse. Yet as well as anyone that has ever played the game could, Pujols is playing through the pain. Like the legend he will be Pujols is toughing his way to near team leading numbers but what will the price be?

Clearly the foot has started to bother him more this season or at least it is more visible that he is dealing with it this year. He still has 13 homers, 49 RBI and 41 runs scored which is plenty good enough for the top few spots on the Angels. Still there are obvious effects from his injury as well like his batting average at .256. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slamming a mid .250 batting average for someone that produces runs but for Pujols this is not a normal number.

His average was constantly right at or well over the .300 mark until last season. This season it continues to dip down. Homers are still more than respectable as are RBI but they aren’t Pujols like numbers. He will probably get to 500 homers this season and further cement his future spot in Cooperstown but I wonder if taking the last half of the season off and resting up before the end of the season or even resting up for the rest of the season would have a great effect for him.

Either way it seems that one of the great current baseball careers will ultimately be shortened by a nagging painful injury. No disrespect intended to Pujols, the man is my hero for playing through pain to a team leading level. I just hate to think these few pain ridden seasons are robbing five seasons from the end of his career that might give us a true homerun champion we can be proud of.

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