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Los Angeles Angels’ 5 Easiest Opponents Over Last 5 Years

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Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels
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The Los Angeles Angels have been nothing if not a mystifying team this season. Having just handily dispatched the Detroit Tigers in a three-game sweep, their second in a row against the Tigers, the Halos now travel to Houston to take on the Houston Astros, against whom the Angels are just 3-7 despite the Astros' abysmal 30-49 record this season (hey, not so far from the Angels at this point, right?).

This has been yet another area in which the Angels have demonstrated the inconsistency that has characterized their 2013 campaign thus far. Their good fortunes against a solid team like the Tigers notwithstanding, the Halos cannot afford to drop another series to Houston if they are to surge back into playoff contention.

There are many reasons for this inconsistency. One reason is the Halos' lack of timely hitting and penchant for grounding into double plays, a category in which the team unfortunately leads the Major Leagues with 82. Another is the thin Los Angeles rotation, which will hopefully be less so now that Jered Weaver appears to have made a full recovery after struggling in his first few outings coming off of the DL.

Despite their current struggles against weak teams, the Halos have matched up particularly well against certain squads in recent years. Rather than dwell on what Los Angeles hasn't been able to do against the lowly Astros, let's take a look back on some of the teams that the Angels have handled nicely over the past few seasons. With that, here are the Angels' five easiest opponents of the past five seasons.

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5. Detroit Tigers (23-17, .575)

5. Detroit Tigers
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The Halos have rattled off nine straight wins against the Tigers over the past two seasons, the most recent three coming on the road at Comerica Park. If Los Angeles ever gets back in contention in the American League, the Tigers will surely be on their radar, so their recent success against Detroit is encouraging.

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4. Seattle Mariners (54-32, .628)

Seattle Mariners
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Until Houston moved into the AL West this season, the Seattle Mariners had long been the whipping boys of the division, compiling a 349-461 (.431) record from 2008-2012. Here's one weak team the Halos haven't let slip through their fingers.

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3. Kansas City Royals (29-17, .630)

Kansas City Royals
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... and here's another. The Angels shouldn't boast too much about their fortunes against Kansas City, however. The last time the Royals had a winning season? How about 2003 (83-79). The last time before that? 1993 (84-78). If ever you despair at your team's lack of success, just remember those facts and take some pity on Royals fans. History says the Royals are due for a winning season this year, but at 36-40 thus far, it may be a close call.

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2. Los Angeles Dodgers (18-10, .643)

Los Angeles Dodgers
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Now we're talking. Success is even sweeter when it comes at the expense of a crosstown rival, and the Halos have certainly had the upper hand against the Dodgers in recent years. Here's an interleague matchup that Angels fans and players alike look forward to each season.

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1. Colorado Rockies (7-2, .778)

Colorado Rockies
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The NL West has been the gift that keeps on giving to the Angels, and the Rockies are no exception. Unfortunately, the Halos have no matchups scheduled against Colorado this season, so they will have to make up their lost ground elsewhere.