Baltimore Orioles Giving Jair Jurrjens another Chance in Bullpen Role

By David Miller
Jair Jurrjens Baltimore Orioles
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I won’t go over the promising prospect and major leaguer that Jair Jurrjens was a few years ago. By now most everyone knows that. The short version is that he has all the tools and suddenly found himself with zero execution for one reason or another. The Baltimore Orioles thought they had found a diamond in the rough with the signing of Jurrjens this off-season but he disappointed once again and again wound up in the minor leagues. Now, after it seemed one of his last chances for a while might have passed, Jurrjens is getting another call from the Orioles.

Those of you wondering why in the world they would do such a think might want to think about the Orioles last few weeks of roster moves. They have clearly been making move after move to try and make their bullpen a little deeper for the stretch run. Lately they have been struggling just enough for the Boston Red Sox to pull out to a three game lead again and it appears that it will be a real struggle for them down the stretch. What does a team need for a tough pennant race? You guessed it, they need relief pitching.

Even if Jurrjens cannot find his good stuff he could be a long guy that comes in when the Orioles are getting beaten badly. That would be a way he could help the team. He would be working on himself and his troubles while eating innings that a non-struggling reliever doesn’t have to pitch. The possible upside that exists is that Jurrjens could actually find his way out of his troubles. If he does then he would be the steal that the Orioles thought he could be. If not, he will still save innings from landing too heavily on other members of the bullpen. I like the move for all of these reasons.

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