Boston Red Sox First Half Review

By Shaun P Kernahan
Boston Strong
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday’s win against the Toronto Blue Jays marked then end of the first half of the Boston Red Sox season. Despite only being around the half way point, there has been enough ups, downs, cheers, jeers, hope and despair to fill a couple seasons.

The year began with many questions in, what was rightly expected to be, the most talent filled, competitive division in baseball. My expectations were tempered, but suddenly, during spring training, hope was restored. Mr. Jackie Bradley Jr. was absolutely dominating, then news came that he would break camp with the big league club. Yes! A guy I have loved watching since his CWS run with the South Carolina Game Cocks will make an impact on the Red Sox. Unfortunately, the impact was a hole in the batting order, absolutely bombing in his first stint and the doubt in the Sox set in.

Then, on Boston’s most sacred sports day, sports ceased to matter. The Boston Marathon bombings turned the attention of America to Boston, and the selflessness of first responders, and fellow citizens alike, made us all proud. When baseball picked back up, David Ortiz reminded us that, regardless of where you live, Boston is “our f—ing city!” And the Red Sox are our f—ing team.

Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz began pitching like real aces, and we were reminded of the genius that is John Farrell while the Red Sox charged to the top of the AL East.

Just as Red Sox Nation is getting excited and it looks like the Sox are gonna make a real run, the closer role falls apart, Lester’s ERA balloons and the undefeated Buchholtz hits the DL and has suffered multiple setbacks.

As the first half ends, the Red Sox are still atop the division, but sit there with an endless list of questions. One thing is for sure, the second half will certainly be interesting.

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