Eric Hosmer Swinging Hot Bat At Right Time For Kansas City Royals

By John Raffel
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals have to be pleased with the way Eric Hosmer is swinging the bat. Hosmer has been mighty happy about it also.

The Royals beat the Minnesota Twins 9-3 Friday night the best way by scoring early and then adding the insurance stuff later on. Early leads obviously give your starting pitcher more confidence as he starts his duties for the day. Hosmer and the Royals have been doing that a lot lately.

Hosmer, meanwhile, continues to have a steady season at first. He may not be a Prince Fielder, but he’s getting the job done. In fact, the Royals continue to get solid production from their first five batters.

Hosmer had two homers in the game with his team protecting a 6-2 lead. His homers gave the Royals three insurance runs.

A manager loves the insurance runs just as much as the winning runs. A manager can breath easier when he’s got that bigger lead. Hosmer had three of his team’s 11 hits. He continues to make steady contact with the ball on a consistent basis, which is heartening for his coaches and teammate

Kanasas City is 5 ½ games back of Detroit, while being in third place in the MLB AL Central. They keep hanging around and hope to do so for a long time. Hosmer continues to give the type of production that’s going to keep them within striking distance of anybody. He’s 12 of 42 in his last 10 games. His career batting average is .266, so this continues to be a good season for the Royal first baseman.

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