Los Angeles Dodgers Winning Streak Ended in Thunderous Fashion

By David Miller
Los Angeles Dodgers
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

How many times have you watched a team you like enjoy a lengthy winning streak? After it goes to four games or more it starts being more and more fun for everyone. A lot of times even when the streak ends it might be on a close game or a fluke play or something. That was not the case for when the Los Angeles Dodgers lost their six game winning streak to the Philadelphia Phillies. They got killed.

There was no nail biting or nervousness. In the place of those feelings was a general feeling of how there was absolutely no chance for the streak to go to seven. Anyone that wanted to watch the game but needed to do something else in life could feel free and easy about going ahead and doing that other thing. No worries, there would be no win on this night. The final score was an almost embarrassing 16 – 1. The Phillies beat them badly enough that a utility guy was pitching in the ninth inning.

How embarrassing right? I mean, it was the worst home loss since 1947 for the Dodgers. Actually I don’t think it was all that bad. Sure they lost badly enough. It was horrible and destructive but it was almost easier than a close game that they should have won. Early on they could almost just assume that they could fight as long as they wanted but the game was over. Well, that takes care of the streak guys, let’s go out and start another one tomorrow.

I wouldn’t advice a team to end a six game winning streak by losing by 15 runs or anything but it just might wind up working for the Dodgers. They get motivation for what they need to restart all wrapped up in the same package that ended it in the first place. Don’t be surprised if they continue to play hot baseball after getting dismantled by the Phillies.

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