Philadelphia Phillies’ Ben Revere Improving

By Rebekah Milsted
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Last season, the Philadelphia Phillies made a major move in trading two of their valuable outfielders, Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence.  This meant that this offseason, they were on the hunt as the front office did not know if they could rely on John Mayberry Jr. and Domonic Brown.

Ben Revere was traded to the Phillies in December from the Minnesota Twins. The Phillies were hoping Revere could help offensively and defensively. In the beginning of the season, Revere was not performing up to the expectations the Phillies were hoping for. He had 90 plate appearances in April and only had 18 hits, with his average only getting up to .200.

Thankfully, he got a bit better in the month of May, but not much. In 77 plate appearances, he was able to get 24 hits. He only managed one RBI though, compared to four the previous month. This performance caused manager Charlie Manuel to bench Revere for a few games.

His defense also had not been up to par. He had been misjudging the direction to run down the balls hit, even dropping a couple of balls that could have been easily caught.

Now, it finally seems like Revere has found his place in the lineup. He has 94 plate appearances in June, and has notched 31 hits with six RBIs. His average has gone up to .330 for the month. He also has 10 stolen bases, which helps give the Phillies opportunities to score.

Revere is only 25-years old, and has a lot of baseball left in him. If he keeps improving, he will help the Phillies in the future if they decide to re-sign him. Hopefully, Revere keeps playing the way he has been this month through the rest of the season.

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