Boston Red Sox Rumors: Team Reportedly Interested in Two Terrible Trades

By Shaun P Kernahan
Michael Young
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year again; it’s hot outside, across the country people are flocking to lakes and beaches to beat the heat, and baseball GMs are flocking to their cell phones to talk trades.  Well, there are two guys the Boston Red Sox have reportedly been interested in, and both trades need to be taken to the Charles River and drowned.

Stephen Drew recently left the game with a tight hamstring, and a trip to the DL is possible. Will Middlebrooks has been sent to AAA, and there is no way Jose Iglesias can keep up this hot streak.  So who are the Sox rumored to be interested in trading for?  The worst “good” player in baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies Michael Young.

People remember him from his .300+ batting average days of years past with the Texas Rangers.  In 2012 and so far in 2013, Young actually carries a negative WAR (wins above replacement) with him, meaning he is worse than replacement level.  That is not exactly the type of guy I want to trade for, especially when Middlebrooks is starting to hit again in AAA, Xander Bogaerts is continuing to improve, and Iglesias is proving to not be incompetent with the bat.  The only positive that can come from negotiations with the Phillies for Young would be if it drives the price up for the New York Yankees to deal for him.

The other guy the Red Sox are rumored to be interested in currently pitches in a park about the size of the whole of New England, Ricky Nolasco with the Miami Marlins.  He has pitched his entire career with the Marlins and has a career ERA of 4.45.  This year he is having a career season with an ERA at 3.93.  I am sorry, but moving him to a tougher division and a smaller ballpark doesn’t sound like the type of move that would help a team win.  The only guy I would prefer Nolasco over that has started for the Red Sox this year is Alfredo Aceves, but then again I would prefer the guy in the third row of Monster Seats over Aceves.

I know this time of year is filled with misinformation, so let’s hope that is just what these two rumors are. If the Sox make these deals, my projection for the team goes from playoffs to bottom of division.

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