Cole Hamels' Next Start Delayed For Philadelphia Phillies

By Rebekah Milsted


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It is no surprise that Philadelphia Phillies’ pitcher Cole Hamels is having a difficult season. His record is just 2-11. Hamel’s ERA is 4.58, almost the highest ERA out of all the starters. John Lannan is the only starter behind him; however, he has been on the DL the majority of the season.

In the beginning of Hamel’s struggles the team was not able to give him run support. Then when the Phillies did score, Hamels gave up his team’s lead. Every fifth day has not been easy for Hamels.

These performances have caused concern for manager Charlie Manuel. Manuel has decided to push his start back two days. The reason? Manuel believes that Hamels needs a couple days to build up his confidence. He believes Hamels just needs to clear his head.

The Phillies are not used to seeing Hamels like this. The past two season he has had well over winning seasons. In 2011, Hamels had a record of 14-9. Last season he had a record of 17-6. Not to mention, he had made the NL All-star team both of those seasons. Hamels also received NL Player of the Week last season. Everyone expected the same from Hamels this season.

Hamels was named the opening day starter this year. That is an honor as pitcher Roy Halladay had gotten the opportunity the past two years.  This also showed the Phillies believed Hamels was going to be their ace this season. Maybe he will be the second half of the season.

Hamels, like many players, is a fan favorite. It is hard to see him struggle, especially this bad. It does not seem to be related to an injury. It just seems like Hamels is having an off season just like the rest of the team.

It will be interesting to see how Hamels pitches after these extra two days of rest.


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