Justin Masterson: Cleveland Indians Starter Should Start All-Star Game

justin masterson

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Someone has to be the starting pitcher for the American League All-Star team in a little over a week. That person could be any number of starting pitchers that are having great years but actually it comes down to a select few. Some people say that Mariano Rivera should start for sentimental reasons but I don’t think that will happen. Even if it were to happen they still will have the next pitcher who will be the real starter for the team. Many think that should be Detroit Tigers Max Scherzer. I think Cleveland Indians starter Justin Masterson makes a better case.

Scherzer has 12 wins to Masterson’s 10 and an ERA lower by three tenths of a run. He has a few more strikeouts and a slightly lower WHIP as well. How is it that Masterson could be behind in these stats but still deserve the starting nod over Scherzer? That is a really simple question to answer. What small amount he trails by in those categories, Masterson more than makes up for in the fact that he has three complete game shutouts to Scherzer’s zero.

The complete game shutout might be an endangered species in Major League Baseball but I think in this case it could be the tie breaker between Masterson and nearly everyone else. He has been huge for the Indians when they needed him and he has the numbers to prove it. Between Scherzer, Bartolo Colon and Masterson only one has three shutouts and it is Masterson. Completely shutting down the other team will be very important in the game side of the all-star game as well. Look close enough at these three or really anyone else. I’d bet you find yourself betting on Masterson just a hair before the others. He deserves the start.

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  • Brett R

    I’m going to go with Verlander regardless of the numbers. You want filthy guys throwing seeing as everything is on the line in terms of the WS…heck…throwing a closer for an inning or 2 early makes sense to me as well.

    • Brett R

      Or Scherzer.

      • David Miller Rant

        Verlander makes sense if he is on for sure. Scherzer has the numbers. I only think Masterson might have earned it in some eyes because of those complete game shutouts that are so rare right now.

        • Brett R

          Well, I’d look at it like this. If your an American league team in the hunt for a WS…would you rather the NL face Verlander/Scherzer? Or…Justin Masterson….I might agree with you if the game meant absolutely nothing…

          • David Miller Rant

            Yeah, I agree considering they are fighting for the WS home field. The purist in me wants to believe some of it could just be on merit alone still but then again, all of these guys look good from that standpoint as well.

          • Brett R

            Yeah, unfortunately Bud Selig took the purist baseball and made it stupid with this win the all star game get home field garbage.