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5 Reasons Why Yasiel Puig Should Make the 2013 NL All-Star Team

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5 Reasons Why Yasiel Puig Deserves an MLB All-Star Nod in 2013

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As of Tuesday July 2nd, Yasiel Puig deserves a spot on the 2013 National League All-Star team. Despite only 26 games under his belt in 2013, the Cuban-born outfielder has brought "Puigmania" to the MLB and should be rewarded with an All-Star nod of his own. It really has been a give and take relationship for Puig and his fans -- the Los Angeles Dodgers' star has gotten famous while baseball fans have been re-energized by the LA icon.

The conversation about players earning their stripes at the MLB level is had on a yearly basis, yet in the case of Puig, he has performed so well that the baseball world has got to give him his due.

Unfortunately, No. 66 isn't even on the National League All-Star ballot, so he must rely on the rarely-used write-in section to get into the game. To make matters worse, the skipper of the 2013 NL squad is none other then San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bouchy. A Giants' boss wouldn't dare be responsible for a Dodgers outfielder winging up at the "Midsummer Classic."

With that being said, Puig is currently on a hitting tear and entered the month of July with a batting average well over .420. While the haters and baseball purists are sure to be upset with me, Puig has done everything that an All-Star should do and deserves the accolade more than anyone. Here are five of the biggest reasons why Puig deserves the All-Star honor.

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No. 5: Puig is Most Deserving On Los Angeles Dodgers' Roster

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Every team in MLB is mandated to have at least one All-Star per season, so the Dodgers will surely have someone representing them this July. Clayton Kershaw is a top-notch starter, but in terms of the Dodgers' lineup, no one has been more productive than Puig. Even still, Adrian Gonzalez is the only other LA hitter who even remotely deserves an honor and he has just three more home runs than Puig in over 200 more at-bats this season!

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No. 4: National League Lineup Needs Versatility

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Unlike the NBANFL and NHL the MLB All-Star game decides home-field advantage in the World Series and leaving a guy like Puig off of the roster only gives the American League a bigger advantage. Versatility is a key factor when talking about All-Star candidates, so why in the world would the National League pass on a five-tool player like the Dodgers' outfielder.

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No 3: Puig's Historic Numbers

Yasiel Puig's Numbers are insane
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No one in MLB is hotter than Puig right now. With a .436 batting average No. 66  is ripping the cover off of the ball and has a five-game winning streak on top of it. Not to mention, Puig is fresh off of a 4-5 game on Sunday Night in which he also scored two runs  -- please tell me again how the Dodgers' slugger doesn't deserve an All-Star nod? Didn't think so.

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No 2: MLB Must Take Advantage of Puig's Stardom

Puig's Stardom
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Mike TroutManny Machado and Bryce Harper all debuted last season and held the baseball world captive for a large part of 2012. However, MLB is still looking for another superstar in whom the league can build around. Keeping Puig out of baseball's biggest event -- aside from the World Series -- is as counter-intuitive as it gets. America's pastime is starting to lose some steam, so shunning Puig could be a detriment to the league's future popularity.

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No 1: Puig Blows Away Outfield Competition in National League

Puig's Competition
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I get it -- there are a few National League outfielders who have played in more games and have better numbers than Puig this year. However, when you stack up the numbers it's closer than many make it sound. For instance, Harper is being talked about as a surefire All-Star -- the Washington Nationals' outfielder has only played in 45 games this season himself. At the end of the day, Puig has earned a spot on the NL roster as Carlos GonzalezCarlos BeltranCarlos GomezDominic Brown are the only NL outfielders who have had a better season than Puig in 2013.