New York Mets Overcome Sluggish Offense In Win Arizona Diamondbacks

By Bryan Zarpentine
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Despite their best efforts not to win the game, the New York Mets outlasted the Arizona Diamondbacks in a 13-inning contest last night to win the series opener against the top team in the NL west.

The Mets made things difficult for themselves and played from behind almost the entire game, but the fight and perseverance that the team has shown over the last few weeks  ultimately paid off. New York was able to force extra innings by scoring one run each in the seventh, eighth, and ninth.

However, truth be told, they should have found a way to win the game without going to extra innings. When all was said and done, the Mets left 31 runners on base, with Daniel Murphy and John Buck being the biggest contributors to that outrageously high number.

In each inning that the Mets scored runs, they were set up well to score multiple runs and take over the game, but the hit they needed to break things open never came. Instead, they scratched and clawed just long enough to tie the game and send it to extra innings.

While New York’s offense continued its futility, the bullpen went to work, pitching six shutout innings until David Aardsma allowed a home run to Cody Russ. But once they found themselves trailing, the Mets’ offense was able to rally once again, only this time being able to push two runs across in order to win the game.

After hitting so poorly with runners on base, they probably deserved to lose the game. But after struggling early in the game, Shaun Marcum and the bullpen were good enough to allow even the Mets’ pathetic excuse for an offense to come back to win.

It wasn’t the prettiest win, but the Mets did it by persevering, which is almost as good as winning with good play and clutch hitting. Right now, the team will take wins any way they can get them.


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