Paul Goldschmidt is Getting Robbed at First in MLB All-Star Ballot

By David Miller
Paul Goldschmidt
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I love democracy and I love being able to vote but something is wrong with the MLB All-Star voting process if Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt doesn’t start the game for the National League. Voting is great and most of the time it turns out okay but I don’t think Goldschmidt was even on the earliest ballots that were seen. He has been the class of National League first basemen all season and should absolutely start the All-Star game instead of Joey Votto

No disrespect to Cincinnati Reds first baseman Votto. I like Votto a lot and he has been big for the Reds this year. He just hasn’t been to the third place Reds what Goldschmidt has been to the Diamondbacks. Votto has a slightly higher average with a .325 compared to Goldschmidt’s .303 going into Tuesday and has scored three more runs. Everything else is owned by Goldschmidt. He has 20 homers to Votto’s 14 and 38 extra base-hits to Votto’s 29. Throw in 8 stolen bases just for fun while Votto only has a few.  By far the largest difference is in the RBI column. Votto has a respectable 38 but Goldschmidt is crushing that with a League leading 69.

Votto should make the team but it should be behind the start made by Goldschmidt. I guess Diamondbacks fans are just going to have to get out there and vote. I might boycott the first few innings if Goldschmidt doesn’t get the start; it’s just that wrong. In the latest result release he trails Votto by just under 600,000 votes which is a problem because voting is nearly over and the gap is widening. DBacks fans, if you have exhausted all of your voting chances, log in as your grandmother and have her vote for him. Whatever you have to do, get Goldschmidt in that starting spot. He deserves it.

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