Plenty of Quit on Milwaukee Brewers Even if Ron Roenicke Doesn’t See It

By Michael Terrill
Plenty of Quit on Milwaukee Brewers Even if Ron Roenicke Doesn’t See It
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers are 32-49 and last place in the National League Central division. Tune into any game throughout the week and the average fan will witness a team that looks like they would rather be anywhere else in the world than playing baseball. There are several players that try very hard during the game, and then there are others who look as if they are just going through the motions.

Manager Ron Roenicke does not believe there is any quit on his baseball team. Maybe there isn’t. Maybe since the Brewers are constantly in an early hole they lack the certain energy to climb out of it. However, in my book, a team that gives up after a first-inning deficit is a team that has given up on the season.

“I don’t see it,” Roenicke said prior to Monday’s contest, according to “I see sometimes that a guy isn’t running down to first base hard. A couple of guys I’ve told not to. We had one [injury] blowout last year because of it, and Aramis [Ramirez], I just flat-out tell he can’t do it. But there’s some other guys once in a while that don’t run hard down to first base.

“Other than that, whoever makes that comment [doesn’t] know what they’re talking about, because we’re still getting after it the way I think we should. Whenever you do not score runs, it always looks like you’ve got no energy. Offense brings energy. It brings it to the dugout. So when you don’t score runs, I don’t care what team it is in baseball, you can look at every single one of them, if they get shut out and you watch the bench during the game, you’ll say, ‘Hey, they didn’t have any energy.'”

Ironically, the Brewers were blown out 10-5 just hours after Roenicke defended his players.

Even if there is legitimate quit on the team it is hard to blame the players. I have never seen a more inconsistent group of men in my entire life. Milwaukee either jumps on the board first and scores a decent amount of runs but still manages to lose by one, or the pitching holds the opponent to two runs and the Brewers only score one. It is hard to be motivated after months of enduring that kind of misery.

Roenicke does not believe there is any quit on his team, and I would love nothing more than to believe him. However, if the Brewers do not get their act together soon then the fans will have no choice but to believe the anonymous scout who started the firestorm in the first place.

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