Todd Frazier Needs To Be Hitting Better for Cincinnati Reds

By John Raffel
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Where in the world has Todd Frazier been in recent games for the Cincinnati Reds?

Actually, he’s been in the same location as many other players for the Reds: in a slump. Frazier finally came through with a productive bat Monday night with two hits, a homer and four RBIs in the Reds’ 8-1 victory over the San Francisco Giants. The team has been struggling big-time and needed someone to come through in a major way. Frazier answered the call and helped his team come up with a big win.

The Reds’ third baseman has not had a productive stretch in recent games prior to Monday. He had a poor 10-game stretch with only 6-of-30 hitting for a .180 average and four RBIs. His three-run homer came at a perfect time, but it’s a long season and the Reds can’t celebrate with one win.

That doesn’t take Frazier nor his teammates off the hook. The bats need to stay productive. If he can’t get his average above .250, that hurts the rest of the team when he can’t come up with key hits at critical times. That was forgotten Monday, and if he can’t come up with the big hit, someone else needs to do it.

Frazier needs to hit better this season for the Reds to have a chance do something in the standings. It’s his first full season in the majors, so Frazier has to realize how much the team needs him to come through at key times.

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