Fans Should Leave B.J. Upton’s Managing to Atlanta Braves Manager

By David Miller
b.j. upton
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

This article is going to start with a question for Atlanta Braves fans that are disgruntled with B.J. Upton. How many ‘I’s’ are there in team? What? Not one single I? Really? That is interesting isn’t it? So I guess if there are no single people that could be called a team, what really matters is how the team plays together. Is it possible that Upton is doing a fine job trying to do his job? Is it possible that the Braves are fine with his effort and attitude in spite of his slow start this year? And is it possible that disgruntled fans could just leave the managing of the team to the manager?

If the Braves were seven games out of first place and fading at the MLB All-Star break, I could see where questions should arise. But see, they are not seven games out of first place; they are seven games in front of second place. They have led the National League East all season long. Maybe it’s just me but it seems that what they have been doing is working just fine. They are not a perfect team but that is good because there are no perfect teams. I present to you disgruntled Braves fans the idea that how well a team plays together and how often they win is much more important than how many hitters are batting over the .270 mark.

Okay, so Upton struggled this year. Does that mean things would be better if Jordan Schafer were the everyday starter? Actually that is impossible to know because the level of pressure from bench player that gets into a few games and everyday player is completely different. There is no way to know how well Schafer would fare in that situation or how Upton would fare in Schafer’s current role. I have an idea. Until the Braves start losing more game than they win, just leave the managing of the line-up to the professionals. The Braves are currently several games in first place with the fifth best record in all of baseball. It isn’t broke folks. Let’s stop trying to fix it already.

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