Homer Bailey's Second No-Hitter Demonstrates Potential For Greatness With Cincinnati Reds

By John Raffel
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Homer Bailey has thrown a historical two no-hitters in the last 10 months, can he become one of the National League’s most effective starting pitchers?

Perhaps. Bailey’s main focus is simply to become the Cincinnati Reds‘ most effective pitcher. Give him credit — Bailey knows how to put on a show and how to give Reds fans their money’s worth. Two hitters in 10 months is what makes baseball and the MLB so special. It’s not supposed to happen, but Bailey made it happen.

Bailey is better known for his control and for throwing strikes more so than keeping batters away from collecting base hits. He fanned nine batters against the San Francisco Giants Tuesday night and walked just one. In his last 10 starts over almost 69 innings of work, he’s walked 12 batters and has fanned 69.

For the season Bailey is only 5-6 with a 3.57 ERA. That only indicates that his teammates don’t give him much hitting support. Bailey makes offenses work for their runs. He doesn’t walk many batters and has four times as many strikeouts as base-on balls.

There’s nothing to suggest that Bailey, with his past record and the talents he possesses, would throw two no-hitters. It just happened. Now that the excitement has erupted about another no-hitter, it’s time for Bailey and the Reds not to focus on his third no-hitter, but on his sixth win of the season. The Reds need Bailey to keep delivering the quality starts to help make them a title contender.

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